Hi there! I’m Reza Bird, an Iranian-American director, editor, and producer with more than 15 years of experience in Iran, Turkey, Paris, and Los Angeles. I worked with established networks such as Arte, MTV, Channel 4, and VOA.

When the Islamic Republic's regime put me on their blacklist, I could no longer make films inside Iran safely. So in 2016, I decided to leave Iran, and it wasn’t an easy decision.

When I moved to Los Angeles with my family, I had to start from nothing. I worked my way up from editing cheesy YouTube videos to making meaningful films and campaigns for high-profile companies and organizations.

After the pandemic, my wife Sara and I started to run our own video agency called NXT ANIMAL. After the Ukraine war started, we got involved with foundations such as COWF and made successful video campaigns to raise funds and awareness for Ukrainian hospitals. Slowly, our agency transformed into a social impact creative agency, addressing issues related to social change and humanity.

Our recent videos in support of the Iran Revolution have garnered millions of views and have been used by hundreds of well-known journalists, actors, and activists.

In this newsletter I cover topics including:

  • Creator Economy: How creatives can make meaningful and sustainable projects on the Internet.

  • The future of content and media: How passionate communities are changing the world of biz and media.

  • The behind the scenes and challenges of building NXT ANIMAL. I’m trying to be a living example of ideas that I’m promoting.

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