Hi there! I’m Reza Bird, a filmmaker turned entrepreneur.

I always wanted to start a journey in business. To me, the story of founders and their never ending battles was always the most dramatic story ever! That’s why I produced and directed more than 100 films and ads for startups and innovative companies all around the world.

I interviewed amazing CEOs, founders, and creatives for hundreds of hours, but it wasn’t enough. Finally in 2020, I took the leap, to build a digital publication in Los Angeles called, NXT ANIMAL. Where we create and curate for the next generation of creators. 

In this newsletter, I’ll consistently share the key insights on how artists and creatives can build their digital businesses.

I cover topics including:

  • Creator Economy: How creatives can make a living online from what they love.

  • The future of content and media: How one-man media companies or blogs, are turning to sustainable businesses.

  • The behind the scenes and challenges of building NXT ANIMAL. I’m trying to be a living example of ideas that I’m promoting.

I hope this can inspire you to make a great and profitable biz, product, startup, or a project and make the world a better place. 

Ways I can help you:

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Reza Bird
A filmmaker turned entrepreneur. I translate tech and biz for the next generation of CREATORS.